Our vision is to work with residents to be the home they want.

Millhaven Lodge is a community owned not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to be a flexible, viable organisation that plans and provides intergrated, responsive and individualised care to residents of our facility.

In doing so, we work with residents to maximise their quality of life.

To achieve high standards in a safe, secure, happy environment the organisation values:

  1. Responsiveness
    To respond to the needs of the client we will focus on the delivery of timely and flexible services.
  2. Individuality
    To respect each person’s independence and choice, and so maintain a sense of self dignity.
  3. Fairness
    To provide equity of access in a non-discriminating environment.
  4. Honesty
    Through our transparency, we will achieve the highest level of openness in all dealings.
  5. High Standards
    To deliver high quality care in a quality management framework.
  6. Accountability
    The organisation is ultimately responsible for its decisions and actions. This includes all members of the organisations.

Philosophy of Care

The staff of Millhaven Lodge strive to provide care that exceeds the expectation of the residents and their families. Each person is valued for their individuality and will be encouraged to attain and maintain their independence to the optimum of their ability. Every respect will be given to resident’s choice regarding all aspects of their care to ensure quality of life and to fully comply with Aged Care Standards.